Recovery gymnastics

The postnatal and recovery gymnastics stabilizes back and pelvic muscles. You gave birth and the baby is there, but you feel like you still look like pregnant? Don´t worry that is the usual. After the labour, the belly shrinks considerably and you loose 5 to 7 kilos, but in order to get back to your old figure, but this takes time and you will need to have some patience. With the help of the involution gymnastics, you will tighten your muscles and strengthening your lowered pelvis soft and slowly. But don´t forget not to over exercise your body!

Recovery gymnastics and involution gymnastics

The body recovery starts after the childbirth, weight and womb´s volume shrink considerably during the first few days and weeks, the so-called postnatal discomfort. The skin and muscles of your abdomen are extremely stretched and therefore dilated; therefore you should strengthen your pelvic floor using the involution gymnastics. It can also cause another side effects such as sagging uterus (pelvic organ collapse) and urinary incontinence. Some sports overload the pelvic floor and can damage it, these are jogging, tennis, volleyball or aerobic, they should by no chance be practiced after a delivery.

When should you start with the involution gymnastics?

The pelvis muscles have been stressed and over stretched carried out during the labour, and they need to be carried out after childbirth. A training of the pelvis will begin when the pain is away and the fibers are healed. It is advisable to seek advice from your gynecologist before taking up postnatal exercising. No matter if you gave birth naturally or with cesarean, you will spend the first 6 weeks exercising softly. After this time you can take up Yoga or involution gymnastics.

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