Stress management

Managing stress is a Methodology to reduce, prevent and cope with stress. The stress management methodology it is helpful when own´s resilience and strength are not enough, due to internal and external factors we can´t withstand, because of a lack or deterioration of the performance ability and physical condition. The number of stressed working population in Germany it is rising rapidly, in the last few years; and even more under working people with family responsibilities. You can increase your resistance to stress by strengthening your physical health. Studies show a significant reduction of the stressor throughout regular exercise and physical activity.

You can reduce stress in your life by nurturing yourself. If you regularly make time for fun and relaxation, you’ll be in a better place to handle life’s stressors when they inevitably come. Learn about the benefits of including sport in your everyday life.

By practicing a combination of strengthen and endurance exercises you can effectively combat stress and ease tension. Some cardio workouts such as jogging, walking, rowing, swimming and cycling can help fighting stress.

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