Functional Training

Functional training is known as a third dimension workout. The three directional connective tissue will be worked out using multiple muscle groups, resulting in a more efficient and comprehensive overall workout. Using basic movements and core stability, you’ll increase strength, burn calories and improve your flexibility, balance and posture. Because the purpose of functional training is to work with the body’s natural abilities and movement, every person, no matter what their fitness level is, can work together to improve their overall bodys own performance and dynamics, endurance and speed.

The basic approach of the functional training derive from the sport medicine and physiotherapy. Athletes use this kind of workout with the help of the so-called Sling trainer (TRX, Vario sling) or kinesics, leading to a better muscular balance, flexibility, strength increase, momentum, resistance and joint stability, decreasing possible injuries sustained in an individual´s performance in a sport.

Progressive physical and functional training is a safe and effective method for sustainably improving strength and functional performance.

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