The Kraftwerk Physiotrainig is a new fitness and physiotherapy center in Berlin Mitte.

Our Mission by Physiotrainig it is to make you achieve your workout goals, improve your wellbeing and acquire proficient life quality. We offer you qualified evaluation and diagnosis, versatile osteopathy and physiotherapy, fitness workout with best and newest machines, as well as wellness and relaxation treatments in a private and pleasant atmosphere.

The first step in order to compile your personal training plan, it is to heal any slight discomfort you might be suffering. For this purpose, we will evaluate your physical shape (strength, endurance, mobility, coordination and balance) and all
related aims and goals you might want to achieve. We will integrate/ include al the medical diagnose and hold a conversation with your doctor, where required. In order to compile a most precise and specially tailored for you training plan.

Services and prices

Physical training

Physical training ½ hour 65€
Physical training 1 hour 120€
Physical training 10 x 1/2 hour 585€
Physical training 10 hour Card 1000€
Physical training 30 hour Card 2.699€
Physical training regular attendance 1/2 h Weekly 235€/M min. 4 months
Physical training regular attendance 1h Weekly 430€/M min. 4 months
Physical training regular attendance 1/2h 2xWeekly 820€/M min. 4 months
Physical training regular attendance 1h 2xWeekly 1170€/M min. 4 months
Kinesiotaping 20€-30€
Ostheopathie 100€/h

Locker and washing facilities 30€/Monthly
With this service, your traning clothes will be washed and stored ready in your locker until the next work-out session.

For home or office therapy/ work-out sessions, inquire separately

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